Xbox One’s Hefty June Update Will Introduce External Hard Drive Support

Perhaps one of the most longed for features of the Xbox One’s is the ability to port save files and internal media to external hard drives. It worked like a charm on Xbox 360 and prevented any knee-jerk decisions to erase that one game you haven’t quite finished yet to make room for new content. However, early adopters of the system won’t have to wait much longer as Microsoft has announced that it, and many other features, will be included in the console’s rather hefty June update.

Primarily, the patch will allow users to connect up to two external devices much like the Xbox 360; however, for the Xbox One, these devices will have to have a capacity of 256GB at minimum. Nevertheless, adding external storage support for the console gives owners the opportunity to expand the system’s core 500GB capacity — which itself is clogged up with nine kinds of system functions, thereby reducing the space to around 362GB from the get-go.

Elsewhere in the monthly update, Microsoft also confirmed that the patch will add the ability to automatically sign into your account upon start-up, and (finally) the option to display your real name alongside your online alias to your friends or, if you prefer, a select group of online companions.

To round things up, the June update will also enhance the console’s SmartGlass integration through a revamped activity feed as well as the OneGuide — Microsoft’s dedicated app that acts as a TV guide — which will begin rolling out across the UK, Canada and other parts of Europe including Spain, Germany, Italy and France next month.

Though this latest patch is without a release date at this time, it’s expected that Microsoft will begin implementing next month’s update in tandem with the launch of the Kinect-less Xbox One on June 9th.

Source: Xbox Wire