Xbox One Adds 5 More Titles To Backward Compatibility List


Don’t retire your old games just yet. Xbox Live’s Director of Programming Larry Hryb, better known by his Gamertag “Major Nelson,” has confirmed that five more games will be added to Microsoft’s Xbox One Backward Compatibility list.

Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead, both released by the highly regarded developer Valve, are easily the most notable of the bunch. Fans who missed out the first time around should take the chance to test their mettle against Aperture Science’s rogue AI Glados and the vast hordes of zombies.


In addition to those Xbox 360 favorites, gamers will also be able to play Babel Rising, Brain Challenge and Flashback on their newer consoles. Players who already own physical copies of the game need only insert the disc into the Xbox One to begin installation. Those with digital copies, meanwhile, will be able to download and install them from the “My Games and Apps” section on their dashboard.

Backwards compatibility not only expands the library of titles available for a console, but it substantially improves the life of classic games. Unfortunately, it can be expensive, and since console manufactures have their attentions fixed on the future, not all consoles are equipped with the capability. It’s definitely a point in the Xbox One’s favor, though.