Xbox One Gets A Slew Of Indies Including Goat Simulator, Space Engineers & More

goat simulator

Taking to the stage during Microsoft’s conference at Gamescom earlier today, Chris Carla, head honcho of the company’s [email protected] programme, revealed a selection of indie titles that will making their console debut on Xbox One.

Perhaps the most significant title in the line-up — based purely on its ludicrous selling point — is Coffee Stain Studios’ rather hilarious Goat Simulator, which whipped up a storm when it was released back in April of this year and has arguably instigated a simulator trend since launch (not to mention Bear Simulator, which surpassed its Kickstarter goal a few months ago).

Joining Coffee Stain Studios’ romp on the roster is mobile puzzle behemoth Threes!, the idiosyncratic first-person shooter, Super Hot and the Kickstarter-funded prison-set game, The Escapists, which is coming by way of Worms dev Team 17.

No doubt, this is a promising sign for Xbox One owners, as it proves Microsoft is clearly trying to bolster the system’s indie library. In fact, here’s hoping the company goes one more and releases some of these recently-revealed titles day and date through Games With Gold.

Nevertheless, it’s expected that some, if not all, of these titles will arrive on Microsoft’s current console later this year, though the company remained mum on individual release dates. To gain a glimpse of Xbox One’s full selection of upcoming indies, you can check out the montage below.