Xbox One Review

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There’s few things more exciting to the gaming community than the launch of a new console generation. I always harken back to being a little kid and finding a Super Nintendo waiting for me under the Christmas tree. That little box opened up an entire new world of possibilities for me: new kingdoms to save, princesses to rescue and Super Bowls to win. I’m pushing 30 now, and not much has changed. When I opened up the box for the Xbox One, I found myself absolutely giddy thinking about the possibilities that were waiting for me.

Microsoft has absolutely filled the Xbox One to the brim with features, and it’s a bit overwhelming at times. While there’s still a lot left to roll out, there’s a very strong argument that this box could be the new centerpiece of your living room in the years to come.

What follows here is a comprehensive, detailed review of the Xbox One, split into six parts and covering as much relevant information as possible. Read the entire review in order, or select from the table of contents below to jump to whatever section interests you. For those of you only interested in the final score, it is posted at the bottom of each page.

Part One: Opening

Part Two: Hardware

Part Three: Controller/Kinect

Part Four: UI/Interfact

Part Five: Games

Part Six: Conclusion