Xbox One Users Can Pick Up Titanfall And Its Season Pass For 50% Off


Such is the fast-paced nature of the video game industry that Titanfall’s highly-anticipated release — one many billed as the game-changer the first-person shooter genre so craved — feels like a lifetime ago.

But that’s not going to stop Microsoft from trumpeting the appeal of one of its biggest exclusives, after the publisher announced that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can pick up Respawn’s hyper-kinetic shooter and its complimentary season pass for 50% cheaper than normal.

Originally, the digital version of Titanfall was priced at $59.99 (£54.99) over on the Xbox Games Store, but now it seems the title is part of the Deals With Gold promotion, thereby discounting it down to $25 (£27.99). In addition, Microsoft is also slashing the price of the game’s rather extensive season pass, bringing the DLC bundle down from $24.99 (£19.99) to $8.25 (£6.50).

Microsoft is yet to formally announced next week’s offerings on the Deals With Gold, but it looks as though the promotion has been leaked a little ahead of schedule. According to a NeoGaf user, the discount will last from today, October 28th right through to November 3rd.

Without doubt, this is a relatively good deal for those who own the game and didn’t pick up the season pass or, conversely, just didn’t get round to picking up Titanfall in the first place. After all, each add-on is usually priced at $7.99.

Having launched the game’s third and final DLC pack (IMC Rising) back in September, it would appear that Respawn is all but done with Titanfall and is looking to move onto its inevitable sequel.

Tell us, which direction would you like to see follow-up go? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.