XCOM: Enemy Within Poised To Blast Onto iOS And Android Tomorrow

XCOM Enemy Within box art

Publisher 2K Games has formally confirmed that tactical shooter XCOM: Enemy Within will follow the path of its predecessor Enemy Unknown onto iOS and Android devices tomorrow, November 13th.

Available for $12.99 (£8.99), the mobile port is once again developed by Firaxis Games. Originally released as an expansion for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC late last year, the transition to portable platforms heralds a host of new in-game features, including new maps, challenges and a host of new weapons to blast the alien threat to kingdom come.

Unfortunately, the studio didn’t have much more information to share at this time. Moreover, it’s unclear whether players who pick up the iOS and/or Android versions of Enemy Within will be able to transfer their progress from the original — though we wouldn’t hold our breath.

In our review of the PC version, we found the expansion to be the ultimate XCOM experience — one that iterates on the core ideas of the franchise with aplomb.

XCOM: Enemy Within is the definitive XCOM experience. There’s enough here to keep veterans of the series engaged for another playthrough and it’s a perfect launching point for newcomers to experience what may be the best turn-based strategy game on the market right now.

XCOM: Enemy Within will arrive on the App Store for iOS and Android devices tomorrow, November 13th. Tell us, will you be gearing up to have a blast at Firaxis’ turn-based title on the go? Let us know in the comments section below.