Yoshi’s Wooly World Will Weave Its Way Onto Wii U In Early 2015


The creative minds behind 2010’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn has unveiled their next project, Yoshi’s Wooly World.

In making the announcement via this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Good-Feel’s Etsunobu Ebisu was given the opportunity to showcase the delightful looking platformer, which has been scheduled to weave its way onto Wii U in the first half of 2015.

“We said we wanted to make a Yoshi game, but we asked them to use the yarn and fabric as materials for creating new gameplay mechanics to create a new kind of Yoshi game filled with those kinds of elements.”

Yoshi’s Wooly World be situated within a colourful, textile-themed world which, judging by the footage released thus far, retains the wonderfully vivid aesthetic that Nintendo creates so well. Additionally, Good-Feel’s latest title will also feature a two-player co-op mode, with certain in-game obstacles requiring tactical cunning

In contrast to the rather linear feel of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the studio’s Yoshi-centric game will encourage players to explore the luscious world and defeat (or should I say, unravel) in-game enemies.

Currently, Yoshi’s Wooly World is pegged to release exclusively for Wii U in the early stages of 2015. After all, if 2013 will go down as the celebrated year of Luigi, then it looks as though the company’s beloved green dinosaur is now enjoying its own time in the limelight, following the critical success of Yoshi’s New Island back in March, no less.

We’ll have all the information relating to Good-Feel’s forthcoming title as it appears.