The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Finally Has a Release Date

Nintendo has been horrible with teasing its most loyal gamers regarding the release date of what may be the last blockbuster game on the Wii before it’s obsolete. Since June, we’ve been constantly given the “Before the end of 2011” answer when asked “When the heck can we play Zelda?”

Kids, mark your calendars. Gentlemen, schedule a week off of work. Ladies, prepare yourself for a week without your man. The Legend of ZeldaSkyward Sword will officially see release on November 20th, 2011.

Skyward Sword is being hailed as the largest Zelda adventure yet, featuring a unique origin story that takes players to the birth of the Master Sword, and a world when Zelda wasn’t even a princess! Madness!

The game is also the first Zelda game to be tailor-made specifically with the Wii in mind. That is, unless you count Link’s Crossbow Training, which is just silly.

Well gamers? Are you satisfied now? If you listen closely enough, you might’ve heard me squeal this morning like a fangirl at this news.