1 Disney+ Movie Was Almost 3 Times As Big As Anything On Netflix In July


It’s been interesting to see what fans have been digging into on Disney Plus since its launch late last year. Of course, various entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have found themselves quite popular on the service, while it’s also common to see big hits like Toy Story 4 and Moana trending as well.

But if there’s one title that seems to be the undisputed king of D+ right now, it’s got to be Hamilton, which quickly grabbed the top spot on the charts after its debut on July 3rd and has proven to be an absolute juggernaut ever since. In fact, for the month of July, it drew in nearly three times as many viewers as anything on Netflix.

According to Variety, 37% of the people who were surveyed by research firm 7Park Data tuned in for Hamilton. Meanwhile, Netflix’s most-viewed July release was Unsolved Mysteries, which was only watched by 13.7% of viewers. Elsewhere, third place sees The Old Guard with 10.6% and fourth and fifth place go to Hanna (9.6%) and Palm Springs (8.1%), respectively.


While Hamilton‘s success shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, it’s still impressive given how much original content premiered on Netflix in July. Aside from the aforementioned Unsolved Mysteries and The Old Guard, the streamer also brought us Down to Earth with Zac EfronFloor is Lava and Cursed, among others, and they all did very, very well in terms of viewing figures.

But apparently, none of them were able to compete with the juggernaut that is Hamilton, which was Disney Plus‘ biggest title in July and will no doubt continue to dominate the platform for some time yet. And deservedly so, as it truly is an exceptional production.