1 Scene In The Suicide Squad Has Fans Going Crazy


If you haven’t yet seen The Suicide Squad at your local multiplex or on HBO Max, then you’d best turn away now, because we’re heading straight into spoiler territory. James Gunn’s soft reboot has been gathering a ton of buzz since it became the highest-rated installment in the DCEU on Rotten Tomatoes, and that’s set to parlay into a bumper opening weekend at the box office.

Fans know fine well that they’re getting an altogether different beast from David Ayer’s maligned original, which made big money but wasn’t much to write home about. Free from the shackles of a PG-13 rating, Gunn doesn’t waste anytime at all in making it abundantly clear that The Suicide Squad isn’t beholden to its predecessor in any shape or form.

Once the requisite opening exposition is out of the way, we’re right off to the races as the latest iteration of Task Force X embarks on their latest mission. The only problem is, less than ten minutes into the movie and more than half of the team has been utterly decimated in a face-melting, head-popping extravaganza of blood, bullets and pyrotechnics. As you can see from the reactions below, the opening set piece is sending the internet wild.

They’re called the Suicide Squad for a reason, and before the plot even gets set into motion we’ve seen Weasel drown, Savant’s head explode, Blakguard’s face get ripped clean off, Boomerang impaled by an exploding helicopter, T.D.K. bleeding out with his detachable arms being beaten into submission, Javelin handing his titular weapon off to Harley Quinn before he dies and Mongal left as a pile of smoldering goop, all by the time the opening credits have wrapped up.