The 10 Best Costumes In 2016’s Marvel And DC Films


2016 has been quite the year for superhero movies. We kicked things off with the R-Rated Deadpool (a film no one expected to be as successful as it ultimately was), and followed that with two more critical and commercial hits from Marvel Studios in the form of Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. Warner Bros. also kicked off their DC Films Universe, though their fortunes weren’t quite as good.

This was supposed to be the start of great things for the brand, and while Suicide Squad performed a little better than expected at the box office, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did not, and both received overwhelmingly negative reviews. X-Men: Apocalypse also disappointed, and what looked like it would be Fox first $1 billion Marvel movie could now lead to a complete franchise reboot.

Regardless of how you felt about all of the above, there’s no denying that each and every one of them delivered some very unique looking superhero and supervillain costumes. No matter how good or bad a comic book adaptation is, they always have the potential to show off some amazing suits, and this year’s efforts definitely delivered.