10 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In Shazam!

The hero formally known as Captain Marvel finally made his modern cinematic debut this week with Shazam!, the latest DC movie to prove that Marvel’s rival isn’t just about producing dark and gritty superhero films. The Zachary Levi-starring effort is being widely praised for its good-natured humor and heart and is also being rewarded with a rather solid opening at the box office.

All in all, it’s a strong debut for a comic book character who deserves to be more familiar to moviegoing audiences. And Shazam! does its best at adapting the hero’s 80-year mythos to the big screen without overwhelming the narrative. Which, luckily for us easter egg hunters, means that it’s stuffed full of allusions and references to obscure things from the DC universe.

Likewise, director David F. Sandberg clearly draws inspiration from a range of other sources as well, from classic movies to other superhero films. And so on that note, here are 10 must-see easter eggs hidden in Shazam! that you might’ve missed on your first viewing. Just click that magic word – “Next” – to get started.