9 Hated Superhero Movies That Really Aren’t That Bad

Superhero fans are often a hard bunch to please. As you can tell by just dipping your head into social media, Marvel and DC lovers have very specific ideas about how their favourite characters should be presented. Therefore, when a film goes against this view, it doesn’t take much for it too be torn to shreds by the fans at large.

As such, this has led to a large number of comic book movies being deemed as outright terrible by popular consensus. But the thing is, do some of those infamous films actually deserve this sort of reaction?

Sure, no one’s going to dispute the fact that, say, Howard the Duck, Catwoman and, of course, the one and only Batman & Robin deserve to go down as some of the worst films ever committed to the silver screen. But should certain other movies be lumped in together with this lot? We’d argue that some actually pretty decent flicks have been unfairly tarred with the same brush as these truly awful messes.

So, which films featuring flights n’ tights do we think are due for a re-evaluation? Here are our personal picks, but feel free to leave any under-appreciated superhero movies that you think deserve more respect in the comments section down below.