10 Horror Films And Cocktail Pairings For Your Halloween Movie-Thon

When the spookiest time of the year rolls around, many horror fans start piecing together detailed lists of movies to watch, themed nights to host, and what to pair with the films being streamed. From floating witch hats and spiderwebs strewn about to ghosts and witches knocking at your door, Halloween is an extraordinary time full of magic and mystery.

There’s nothing like walking into a friend’s house and being transported to a slice of Halloween paradise; soft spooky music playing, cauldrons full of drinks next to stacks of Halloween-themed snacks and treats, and your favorite horror movies playing as the night goes on.

So let’s say you’re planning your Halloween get-together — or one of them, and you need to pick horror movies to watch and drinks to serve. Well, we’ve got you covered.

We picked 10 of the best Halloween movies there are and found the perfect drinks to pair them with. So whether you’re heading to a get-together or celebrating the season on your own, you can say cheers to spooky season and soak in all of the chills and delights.

The Tipsy Bartender is one of our favorite places to find drink recipes. From Halloween to Christmas and just days in between, there’s a drink for every occasion. They also give a specific mix layout and recipe in an easy-to-find fashion, and it also allows you to see what ingredients to use (or to leave out) if you’re looking for a virgin drink option too.

Hocus Pocus

Of course, Hocus Pocus is on our Halloween watch list. The movie is a classic, and we are thrilled that a second one is finally on the way. The story of the Sanderson Sisters is iconic, and we quote the movie all the time — not just during Halloween. As Winifred, Sarah, and Mary try to cast the spell that will finally bring them eternal life, a boy and his sister and their new favorite cat try to stop them. It’s full of laughs, a few tears, and moments that’ll leave you feeling sweetly sinister.

The drink: The Hocus Pocus – find the recipe and a how-to video below.


You can’t have a Halloween watch-a-thon without Halloween, so this is next on our list. The movie is terrifying, and there are different timelines and storylines so that you can watch any of the 11, soon-to-be 12, Halloween films and find one you’ll enjoy. Michael Myers is scary; he’s not the kind of guy you’d want walking into your home on Halloween, and he leaves you feeling completely unnerved and terrified — after all, he’s a man who kills anyone in his way. That’s horrifying.

The drink – Orange and Purple – find the recipe and a how-to video below.


Candyman as a character, an idea, and an urban legend…one word describes and wraps up all three – terrifying. The film is what nightmares are made of, and it’s not just one thing; it’s a slew of them. Candyman brings a few urban legends, razor blades in candy, and a bloody mary-type calling card to the forefront of your mind. The original is based on a short story, “The Forbidden,” and the reboot honors the original while bringing to light societal issues, as did the first film. It’s a must-watch around Halloween.

The drink – Candy Corn Jello Treats – find the recipe and a how-to video below.

Let The Right One In

This vampire film is genuinely more spine-chilling than most. When a lonely and bullied 12-year-old boy makes a new friend, he feels happy for the first time in a long time. He has what we all long for — someone to confide in, someone to have as a confidant. It soon becomes evident that the little girl he bonds with is…not what she seems. Scary things start happening, and it’s hard to disconnect her from them.

The drink – Vampire Bite Shots – find the recipe and a how-to video, below.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

This slasher horror story does exactly what it was intended to; it scares the absolute heck out of teenagers who are self-serving and self-thinking. Seriously, was there ever a more cautionary tale than that of I Know What You Did Last Summer? They’re all living what they believe to be their best lives when a tragedy occurs and changes the course of their lives forever — in many cases, shortening them but not before spending their last moments being hunted and haunted. Yikes.

The drink – Pumpkin Beer Cooler – okay, so this one isn’t a recipe but it’s the perfect drink enhancement for the young adult party vibe — find the recipe and a how-to video, below.


No matter what version of this movie you watch, it’s going to terrify you. The original It scared viewers at a young age, and the reboot years later filled us all with fright once again. Clowns are scary — there’s no way around that. The fact that It can take on any shape, form, or terrifying existence at all is even more startling, and when Pennywise peers around a corner or pops up from a drain or haunts your nightmares, he’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen.

The drink – The Flaming Strawberry – find the recipe and a how-to video below.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another film that stands the test of time. The original movie is fantastic, and so are the reboots. They all have their sense of terror and horror, the simple idea that someone would not just kill you but take your face and use your body — it’s unnerving. Leatherface haunts your nightmares, and he also haunts you when you’re driving down that back road that goes a little too long and curves a little too much or when you go to that vacation town that seems just a little bit —off. He’s always lurking in your mind and delivering fear on a platter.

The drink – Monkey Brain Shot – find the recipe and a how-to video below.

The Exorcist

So it might not be the kind of movie you plan drinks and snacks around, but hear us out; this drink fits perfectly with the horror you’ll want to hide away from during The Exorcist. We all know the tale, a 12-year-old ends up suffering from demonic possession, and no matter what lengths her mother goes to help her…they come up short. When a priest comes to help Regan, well — it goes about as well as you’d expect. The film has a few moments that’ll make you want to sit that drink right down, and that’s okay; it’s one you can sip on slowly.

The drink – Some Black Smoke – find the recipe and a how-to video below.


If you went to your high school prom and had even the slightest fear that someone might walk out covered in blood, chances are — you’ve seen Carrie. The film is tense and chills you to the bone. There are moments that most young adults can relate to, feeling like an outcast and many moments you (hopefully) won’t ever be able to connect to. While the fear with Carrie certainly stems from the uneasy circumstances and the horror vibe, it’s also her back story that sticks with you, leaving you scared and uncomfortable.

The drink – Test Tube Shots – find the recipe and a how-to video below.


Last but not least, our favorite scary movie — Scream. Something about the film brings you back for more no matter how many times you’ve watched it before. The cast work well together, they feel like old friends, and you can get lost in the storyline and film, feeling like you’re one of their old friends by the end. Only, well — not very many of them survive, so you’d have a shortlist of invites to send out to your Halloween get-together.

Sid, Billy, Dewey — they’re classic characters in horror, and we wouldn’t have the attachment to slasher films that we do without them.

The drink – Blue Ghost Shot – find the recipe and a how-to video below.

Do you plan to enjoy a Halloween get-together with friends and any of the drinks above? Trying a non-alcoholic version instead? Let us know which ones you try and what your favorites are. Happy haunting!