10 Movies/TV Shows Coming To Netflix In 2019 That You Need To Watch


With a new year ahead of us, Netflix users will soon have a whole load of content coming their way, from highly anticipated seasons, to old favorites that are only just arriving on the platform. And in a new piece from EpicStream, a rundown is offered of ten films and TV shows that subscribers can look forward to in these next few months.

It’s worth noting that the first day of 2019 has already given us at least two welcome new additions to Netflix. On the one hand, you have the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which is set to tackle the last few books of the saga. At the same time, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is now up on the site in case you feel like giving this all too familiar, widely beloved flick another watch.

By contrast, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which comes to the platform on January 9th, didn’t exactly achieve instant classic status, but if you’re among the many who missed it in cinemas, EpicStream recommends you give it a chance.

On January 18th, meanwhile, Netflix is bringing back The Punisher for what’s looking to be its final season, while also resurrecting Carmen Sandiego for an animated educational show. After that, the site is getting two of 2018’s least self-serious superhero movies, with Ant-Man and the Wasp dropping January 29th, followed by Incredibles 2 on the 30th.

Speaking of comic book properties, Dark Horse adaptation The Umbrella Academy brings us its first season on February 15th, while Chilling Adventures of Sabrina delivers the second part of its first season on April 5th. Last on the list, but perhaps the most highly anticipated of them all, is Stranger Things, which delivers its long-awaited third season on July 4th.

So, that does it, but if none of these take your fancy, you can expect Netflix to fill up the empty spaces on its calendar very quickly in the coming months, so rest assured, you’ll never be short of something to binge.

Source: EpicStream