10 Awful Prequels That Are Just The Worst

Movie studios have this crazy idea that fans of a franchise always want to know every single ounce of history related to it. There are a ton of ways to delve deeper into these stories, whether it’s through novels, comics, video games, musicals or any other type of media. But perhaps the worst abuse of backstories are the ones found in film prequels.

Even just hearing the word prequel is enough to send shivers down a fan’s spine, because as many brokenhearted moviegoers have discovered, these piles of trash are usually exceptionally bad attempts at making money by attaching a successful franchise to a terrible movie. Sometimes a series is best left alone, though. Maybe, just maybe, fans don’t give two Wookie farts about who built C-3PO.

Comedian Patton Oswalt once compared the idea of prequels to looking at Jon Voight’s horrifying, intolerable man bits because you love Angelina Jolie. On that note, here are ten of the worst metaphorical man bits to ever ruin a franchise.