10 Proposed Guillermo Del Toro Movies That We Really Hope Get Made


Due to his unique visual style and imagination, the films of Guillermo del Toro – including Spanish language horror Pan’s Labyrinth and superhero movie Hellboy – have garnered the man a legion of passionate fans. However, the Mexican-born director is still clearly viewed as a bit of a weird one within the industry. Perhaps this is because, out of all his films, only Pacific Rim has been a real box office success.

As such, many of the director’s passion projects have failed to come to fruition, usually from not securing enough financial backing or lack of interest from studios.

In fact, so many of his films have hit this brick wall that – fitting for someone whose work usually dabbles in the gothic – it seems like Guillermo del Toro is cursed. Hopefully he can lift that curse though, as here are eight un-produced films from del Toro that sound so awesome that we still hope they’ll get made.