10 Fun Easter Eggs In Venom That You Might’ve Missed


Venom has finally got his own movie and though it doesn’t feature the cameo from Tom Holland’s wall-crawler that we were all hoping for, it’s still stuffed full of references to the sinister symbiote’s history in the pages of Spider-Man comics.

As we all know by now, the movie starring Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock, who gets infected by the alien parasite, makes up its own origin for the anti-hero, but it’s one that’s derived from the pages of Venom’s solo series. As such, there’s easter eggs and references aplenty for Marvel comic book fans to sink their teeth into, like Venom itself does when it snacks on a tasty human head.

Some are easily spotted – the cameo from a certain famed Marvel creator, for one – while others could slip right by even the most ardent fan. For instance, the creature’s line, heard in the trailers, “so many snacks, so little time” is a lift from Amazing Spider-Man #374. 

On that note, read on for more fun Venom easter eggs you might’ve missed, and if there’s any we didn’t catch, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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