14 New Movies Hit VOD This Weekend, Including A Great Horror Comedy

Psycho Goreman

As usual, there are plenty of streaming choices to enjoy across different VOD platforms this weekend, including some intriguing-looking movies. Highlights are the documentary Welcome to Chechnya, drama Our Friend, as well as Western No Man’s Land and some choice genre picks. What, then, do these titles have to offer, and are they worth checking out as a rental or purchase?

First up, Welcome to Chechnya is an investigative doc about the anti-LGBT program in the Russian republic, and is available to stream on HBO, to rent on Vudu, or to buy on other platforms. By comparison, Our Friend sees Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck appear in a story about the impact of Johnson’s Nicole being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Affleck plays her journalist husband, and Segel the couple’s best friend in an adaptation of a true story that’s likely to tug on a few heartstrings. This one’s available as a premium rental on the usual platforms.

Alternatively, No Man’s Land sees Jake Allyn’s Jackson Greer go on the run after accidentally killing a Mexican immigrant child, and deals with migration and the ethics of the border. Other new releases, meanwhile, include the horror picture Bring Me a Dream, the exorcist-themed The Cleansing Hour, vampire flick Ten Minutes to Midnight, and the awesome-looking PG: Psycho Goreman, wherein an ancient alien is accidentally resurrected.

Psycho Goreman

If you’re not in the mood for these options, though, then Breaking Fast offers an LGBT-themed romance, while you can also check out indie doc Clapboard Jungle, drama A Cold Hard Truth, Polish thriller Spoor, and dramatic comedy The Kid Detective. The latter film involves Adam Brody playing a former child prodigy who has to take on a new case. Finally, if you’re looking for a good deal, then the female-centered The Rest of Us, which sees four women have to learn to live with each other, is available for $0.99 on iTunes.

To recap, here are all the movies new to VOD this weekend:

To Buy:
Welcome to Chechnya

To Rent:
No Man’s Land
Our Friend
Bring Me a Dream
The Cleansing Hour
PG: Psycho Goreman
Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy
A Cold Hard Truth
Breaking Fast
Ten Minutes to Midnight
Clapboard Jungle
Remember Me
The Kid Detective

Some good selections, then, for catching up on newly released genre titles and some potentially award-winning documentary work. If that doesn’t appeal, though, there are plenty of other streaming options available across Netflix and the other big online players this weekend, meaning that it won’t be difficult to find something appealing to watch.