Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Pop Culture Presents

There’s no time like the holidays to reflect upon the year that was and all that we have to be grateful for. And make no mistake: in 2019, pop culture geeks saw their cups runneth over – from the stirring conclusions of the Infinity Saga and Game of Thrones to an incredible first season of Watchmen and the long-awaited return of Rick & Morty.

With that in mind, We Got This Covered’s Pop Culture Gift Guide is reflective of the year that had a little bit of everything. Here you’ll find gift ideas for any pop culture obsessive on your list: Blu-ray box sets, games, collectibles, comics and affordable home theater upgrades that will allow anyone to fully enjoy this wondrous peak TV/comic-book flick era.

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There’s little new to be said about the worldwide phenomenon that reigned supreme over TV for the past decade. What is new: seeing it all collected on Blu-ray in a single box set for the first time. The lossless presentation of every episode in 1080p will be mind-blowing for anyone who only saw the show on cable (which typically broadcasts in 1080i) or through one of the HBO apps, which, buffering issues aside, compressed the video and diminished the quality.

This technological limitation most infamously tarnished the episode “The Battle of Winterfell” and transformed what should have been one of the show’s crowning achievements into an indecipherable, much-too-dark mess. The physical set itself is gorgeous, too, with each season residing in its own uniquely colored art sleeve, and each of those sleeves sliding into a wooden box with a “hand of the king” pin holding the whole thing together. It also includes a two-part reunion show hosted by Conan O’Brien.

Available for $250 at Best Buy.



These 300- to 500-piece puzzles don’t just recreate iconic movie posters of yesteryear; they come in oversize clamshell VHS-style cases complete with the blue-and-yellow Blockbuster Video logo. Collected side by side on a shelf, they satisfy several nostalgia bugs at once while making a handsome display. The current collection includes Jaws, The Breakfast Club, E.T., and Animal House.

Available for $9 at Target.


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty crossing over to get their own D&D adventure is so natural and seamless that you’re going to wish more tabletop RPGs had this kind of wit and humor. Written mostly in the razor-sharp sarcastic voice of grandpa-scientist-wizard Rick Sanchez, it’s part game, part meta-commentary on RPGs and the people who play them. Fill up a flask, pull up a chair, and enjoy one of the great gaming experience that you just can’t get from a video game.

Available for $27 at Amazon.



HBO’s Watchmen might be getting all the attention right now, but it owes a debt of gratitude to Doomsday Clock, the Geoff Johns-Gary Frank collaboration that boldly tackled the thankless task of writing a sequel to Alan Moore’s classic. Part I collects the first six issues of the 12-issue series, where the events of the original are re-contextualized as part of the proper DC Universe with Superman, Batman, and company coexisting alongside the Watchmen. It’s an idea that seems like it has no business working, never mind working this well. If you’ve enjoyed the new show though, you’re going to love this.

Available for $18 at Amazon.


IKEA speakers

The rich, textured Sonos sound has never come in such a small and functional package. These speakers – made in collaboration with IKEA – don’t just make everything sound better, they make handsome and sturdy bookshelf displays, too. Setup in the app is an easy, self-guided affair, and mounting these to a wall takes a few minutes and a screwdriver. One is perfect for your kitchen, office, or bedroom; two can be paired with the Sonos Beam sound bar for a home theater experience that easily rivals or surpasses vastly more expensive setups.

Available for $99 at IKEA.

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