Netflix Added 22 New Movies/TV Shows Today


Twenty-two new shows and movies are available to stream on Netflix today, with a variety of content for different ages and demographics as well as a heavy focus on anime movies, including four Inuyasha movies and a whopping seven Naruto movies.

In addition to the selection of full-length anime films, two new seasons of competitive reality series are making their way to the platform including the first season of a competitive baking show, Nailed It, and the Latino version of the hit reality competition, Too Hot to Handle.

For those looking to satiate their need for nostalgic comfort food, all nine seasons of Saved by the Bell, the classic sitcom which follows a group of teens from middle school through college are making their way to Netflix.

A number of foreign series are also making their Netflix debut, including dramas like the second season of Castle & Castle which follows a pair of skilled lawyers in Nigeria, Dharmakshetra which draws on ancient Indian history and mythology, Stories by Rabindranath Tagore an anthology of stories by a Nobel Prize-winning Indian author, and the docu-series Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan which explores the history of Indian cuisine.

Also available for streaming today are the new documentary film, Schumacher, about the seven-time formula one champion, Number Blocks, a children’s show geared toward helping kids learn about math, and the new Krysten Ritter horror flick for kids, Nightbooks in which the Breaking Bad actress plays a witch who traps two children in her magical apartment and forces them to read scary stories.

Make sure to check out all these new movies and shows streaming now on Netflix.