3 Different Actors Reportedly Eyed For Superman In Man Of Steel 2

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Warner Bros. has been trying to make a new Superman movie happen for years now, but it seems that the studio is still unable to agree on one unified vision for the next cinematic outing of the Man of Tomorrow. A recent report from Heroic Hollywood has been stirring controversy, as it claims that WB is not interested in making a new Supes flick at this time. At least, not one with Henry Cavill. However, other sources have said that Man of Steel 2 is definitely on the cards but the studio is still working out which actor to go with in the role, with different creatives backing each choice.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Justice League Dark and Green Lantern shows are coming to HBO Max, and that The CW is developing an Arrow spinoff, all of which were correct – have now provided an update on the situation though and they say that there are three options being tossed around behind the scenes. To begin with, AT&T wants Henry Cavill to return, following those cameos he’s already signed on to do. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. wants Michael B. Jordan in the role, which makes sense as we know that they’ve had discussions with the Black Panther star before.

And then there’s J.J. Abrams, who could potentially direct the pic and is advocating John Boyega for the part. The filmmaker previously gave the British actor his big break in the Star Wars saga and he did recently make clear he intends to work with him again on social media. Boyega’s recently become a hero to many in real-life for his tireless BLM campaigning as well, so you can see why Abrams is reportedly pushing for him to be the next Clark Kent. But presumably, his casting would all depend on whether Abrams wants to commit to directing the project.

As things stand, then, we’re hearing that Cavill will definitely be back for a few pop-up appearances, but his long-term future in the DCEU is under question. If either Jordan or Boyega do end up replacing him though, then the next Supes flick would naturally be set outside the regular continuity, just as Robert Pattinson’s The Batman will be.

But tell us, who would you like to see lead Man of Steel 2 (if that’s what it ends up being called, even)? Have your say in the comments section below.