Netflix Reveals Their Most Popular Movie Of 2020 So Far

365 Dni

Close to one hundred thousand people have backed the petition for Netflix to remove steamy Polish thriller 365 Days from the content library, but the latest data has only reinforced the controversial movie’s popularity. It may hold a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it dominated the streaming service’s most-watched list for weeks and now that the numbers have been crunched, it can be named as the platform’s biggest hit of 2020 so far.

The company themselves are very reticent when it comes to releasing official data and viewing figures, but website What’s On Netflix have used a simple calculation that awards ten points to the number one movie on the Top 10 list right down to a single point for the film in tenth position, and has calculated the total over the entire duration the feature has been available.

Not only does 365 Days come out on top, but it racked up over three times as many points as closest competitor The Old Guard, and also had the biggest opening month and the longest streak at the head of the charts after spending a combined total of 39 days as the platform’s most popular title. Enola Holmes also posted a strong showing by scoring the biggest daily opening and the best opening around the world after reaching the top spot in 78 countries, and the literary adaptation is well on its way to becoming one of Netflix‘s most successful original movies ever.

365 Dni

Elsewhere, Lucifer was unsurprisingly named as the most popular TV show of 2020 so far, while Spanish series Money Heist spent more time in the Top 10 than any other episodic project.

Those who signed the petition won’t be happy, but based on the numbers, it certainly looks like that rumored 365 Days sequel might end up happening after all.