Petition To Remove 365 Days From Netflix Closes In On 100K Signatures

365 Dni

There’s been no shortage of unusual movies dominating Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list over the last six months or so, as the streaming service’s subscribers appear to have gone stir crazy due to the restrictions put in place as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of these titles have been forgotten classics, hidden gems or cult curios, but a couple of them have also been straight up bad.

The Last Days of American Crime and steamy Polish thriller 365 Days both held the distinction of reaching the number one position on Netflix’s most-watched list despite being two of the rare films to hold a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%. And the latter, in particular, grabbed headlines for the graphic love scenes and content that some viewers didn’t respond to very well. In fact, back in July, a petition was launched in an attempt to have it removed from the content library.

365 Dni

Fast forward three months, and that petition is fast closing in on 100,000 signatures as a whole host of people throw their weight behind the accusations that 365 Days glorifies domestic abuse. Of course, if Netflix are refusing to pull Cuties after the coming-of-age drama generated so much controversy that the company have been indicted in Texas, then there’s no chance that the so-called ‘Polish Fifty Shades‘ will be disappearing from the platform.

Still, this marks just the latest in a long line of petitions from disgruntled customers in an attempt to force Netflix to remove titles that have the potential to cause offense. The simple solution is to just not watch them at all, of course, especially as 365 Days has already completely faded from memory. But the petitions surrounding this film, Split and Cuties are still circulating despite there being no chance of them going anywhere.