New Petition Aims To Remove 365 Days From Netflix

365 Dni

Netflix is home to an incredibly diverse collection of films, television shows and specials, so fans of nearly any genre are sure to find something worth watching on the platform. But while horror, comedy and drama remain perpetually sought after, not every genre is quite so popular on such a service. Erotica, for instance, is largely absent from Netflix’s offerings, though you can certainly find a few films and shows scattered about that would cater to such tastes if you’re willing to go diving for them.

One such movie, Polish drama 365 Days (or 365 Dni) released early last month to widespread controversy with many going so far as to claim that it makes Fifty Shades of Grey look tame in comparison. And due to the extreme levels of nudity and realistic-looking sexual intercourse throughout the film it certainly earns its erotica label.

For those unfamiliar, the pic tells the story of a woman who’s kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who grants her 365 days to fall in love with him, and though it may sound moderately interesting in theory, it earned itself a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes upon release. In other words, it’s a bad movie, but that hasn’t stopped it from being popular among a certain demographic.

365 Dni

Now, however, an online petition is aiming to have 365 Days removed from Netflix due to what is perceived by some to be condoning and glorifying sexual abuse, especially on a platform where such content is regularly accessible by younger audiences. It’s currently earned 66,000 signatures and seems to be climbing at a steady rate, though it’s important to note that these types of petitions rarely impact decision-making for companies, so there’s a pretty good chance the film will remain on the service.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding 365 Days, a sequel is rumored to be in the works, though when exactly we may see it is still unknown.