4 major new movies hit theaters and streaming today

Friday is typically the day when brand new feature films hit theaters and streaming, but seeing as Thanksgiving is almost upon us, a quartet of high-profile titles have arrived today in an effort to keep audiences occupied right through the holiday in an attempt to rustle up some extra business, whether it be box office dollars or viewership figures.

Walt Disney Animation’s Encanto is set to easily top the charts this weekend, which is to be expected given the name value of the Mouse House and the hot streak of hugely popular titles the studio has been churning out for the best part of a decade, but pretty much all genre bases have been covered.

Critics can’t seem to decide if House of Gucci is an Academy Award or Razzie contender, but it’s been generating plenty of interest nonetheless, even though director Ridley Scott’s criticisms of millennials have seen him become the butt of many a social media joke.

Catering to the older crowd, R-rated video game reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City offers a much more faithful translation of the console classics than Paul W.S. Anderson’s action-driven franchise, while Halle Berry’s directorial debut Bruised has been winning decent notices, enough to keep the at-home crowd occupied.