The Hunger Games To Span Over Four Films

First it was the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being split into two parts, which Harry Potter fans seem reasonably happy with. Then, to the surprise of Twilight fans, the movie version of Breaking Dawn followed suit.

Now The Hunger Games trilogy is being scheduled for filming, but Lionsgate is seriously considering the same concept other production studios have been recently acting on. In a Deadline article about the possible cinematic future for Suzanne Collins’ series, Lionsgate told Wall Street analysts that yes, there are going to be four films for three books.

Lionsgate is actually quite pleased with the monetary statistics The Hunger Games will achieve for them.  COO Joe Drake mentioned that it was “the highest selling film we’ve ever had” during the Cannes Film Festival and that worldwide investors in the franchise think that “the movie will change their company.”

Moreover, Lionsgate purchased all rights to the series before it became popular. Through this unusual move, they “retained the majority of the upside” when it came to the distribution of the movie as well as hiring a good cast.  If by some chance the first installment of The Hunger Games is not a killer at the box office when it’s released, the producing studio is still confident that it will profitable enough for the sequels to follow closely behind.  However, production is in progress at the moment and everything is possible with the sequent Hunger Games movies.