5 Terrible Comic Book Movies That We’d Like To Forget


When a comic book movie is adapted in the right way – drawing on its source material with respect and using cinema as a medium in the best possible way to bring sketches to life – it can really be a phenomenal viewing experience. Many of the best films suspend viewers in a completely different state of mind for two hours, and comic book worlds offer some of the most fantastical new experiences for audiences to spend their time in.

Yet, for all the lurid, imaginative joy that comic book movies have brought us over the years, there have also been some head-smackingly woeful adaptations right alongside them. The colorful comic book universes are ripe for regenerating on screen with state-of-the-art special-effects, and in certain adaptations over the years these sound and light shows have been number one on the agenda, with the plot and character development limply traipsing behind.

On that note, we’ve picked out five of the worst comic book movie adaptations of all-time, with some of them being so bad that it’s scary. Don’t believe us? Read on….