5 Great Superhero Movies That Everyone’s Forgotten About


Every superhero ought to be memorable really. Any character dressed in a flamboyant costume with the ability to casually palm off numerous attackers at once should stick in the mind no matter what. Yet, several movies released during the past few decades have shown us these kind of spectacular characters stomping, whooshing and quipping on screen…and have curiously disappeared into thin air just moments later.

The superhero sub-genre is a small space stuffed tightly with an overabundance of competing costumes, and when a film is forced to square off against the titans of Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, odds for success don’t always look promising.

Indeed, some superhero movies have adopted the behavior of the invisible man in the way they’ve vanished without a trace. Some have been bullied out of cinemas by fitter, more agile movies. Some have flopped limply despite a lack of competition. And for others, it has simply been a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Listed here, then, are five forgotten superhero movies. Several of which are sure to send a look of vague recognition creeping up onto a few faces.

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