5 Movies Dominated Netflix’s Top 10 List In 2020

The old Guard

Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction may have become Netflix‘s most-watched original movie ever after drawing in close to 100 million viewers in the first four weeks it was available, but that doesn’t mean it ranks as one of the streaming service’s most popular titles across the entirety of 2020.

The brutal actioner debuted in April when Coronavirus restrictions were at their tightest around the world, and with Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo brothers involved behind the scenes and an A-list star in the lead role, it was appointment viewing for many people who suddenly had a lot more free time on their hands than usual.

However, the numbers have now been crunched to reveal the 20 titles that spent the longest time on the Top 10 most-watched list globally throughout the last twelve months, and Extraction could only muster tenth place, with five movies in particular dominating the rankings in every country Netflix is on offer.

Controversial Polish thriller 365 Days is the platform’s biggest hit, with Enola Holmes coming in at a close second, which is a bit of a surprise when the mystery adventure managed to nab the top spot on the most-watched list in 78 countries. Festive sequel The Christmas Chronicles Part 2, meanwhile, was only released last month and has already nestled into third position, proving that not even a global pandemic can stem the tide of good old fashioned holiday cheer.

In fact, Holidate continues the Yuletide trend by pitching up in fourth, with acclaimed comic book actioner The Old Guard rounding out the Top 5 and once again reaffirming Charlize Theron’s credentials as one of cinema’s premiere action heroes. Overall, it’s an interesting mix of titles, and looking back at a year where nothing has gone to plan, Netflix‘s five most popular movies including two Christmas films and one with a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes is hardly out of the ordinary.