5 Negative Aspects About 3D

I’ve decided I’m a 3D optimist. Ultimately, I think the format is going to improve in the hands of skilled filmmakers and technicians with able hands and keen eyes and will be as much an institution of the moving image as color is today. If the type of people who currently say 3D is a gimmick won the argument back in the day when color film was becoming popular, we’d be watching G.I. Joe in black and white. It seems inevitable that the technology has such tremendous potential that to abandon it because of a few—ok, quite a number of hiccups would be totally shortsighted.

We could think of these drawbacks to 3D movies as growing pains, something the industry needs to work past and improve so that the experience of a 3D image can be enjoyed comfortably and happily and no quite so frequently suck. Because right now, there’s a lot that kind of sucks about 3D, and it gives the skeptics a lot of support for their argument that 3D, as a whole, is a crappy innovation that should go the way of Smell-o-vision.

Here are 5 of the things preventing 3D movies from working as well as 2D movies in all instances. Fix these, and we’ll be well on our way to a new normal that offers a more realistic and immersive cinematic experience, the next stage of motion picture viewing.

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