50 Years Of James Bond Cars Celebrated In New Video

Bond cars have been as iconic a part of the franchise as fine suits, silenced PP7s, and shaken martinis. The cars in a James Bond film are always something I look forward to and that’s why I’m very excited about the video posted below.

Released today, this new video does a wonderful job of capturing everything that makes every man want to buy an Aston Martin. My life won’t be considered complete until I can get behind the wheel of a silver V12 Vanquish (frontal missiles included).

From the classic DB5 to the submarine Lotus, this video covers them all. It even includes the dirt bike from Quantum of Solace (the single Bond vehicle I have no desire to drive).

The video culminates with the clip from Casino Royale in which Bond’s DBS preforms a record of 7 barrel rolls, saving possibly the only thing more beautiful than the car, Eva Green.

My excitment for Skyfall has been sky-high since the first image from the film was released and this video again adds fuel to the fire. In fact, I’m tempted to fly to Britain in order to see the film on October 26th, instead of having to wait all the way until November 9th to see it in the Western Hemisphere.

The Bond franchise is one thats success may never be matched. 23 films in 50 years is a staggering number. If they continued to make a Bond movie every 2 years for the rest of my life I would surely die content.

Despite all the debate over who the best actor to play 007 is, the announcement that Daniel Craig has been offered the role for 5 more films ensures roughly 10 more years of quality secret agent flicks. Especially if Christopher Nolan really does take the helm of one or more.

Quantum of Solace didn’t get rave reviews, but it appears Skyfall will be another classic Bond movie. The teaser trailer still gives me goosebumps after 25+ viewings.

And then there’s Javier Bardem, who showed in No Country For Old Men that he has the ability to be an excellent villain. I can’t wait to see what he does in Skyfall.

Check out the Bond cars video below and let us know what you think.