Watch: 5G Zombies Trailer Signals An Undead Takeover

5G Zombies

Creative endeavors being made as variations on contemporary global situations are nothing new, but sometimes they come a little too soon and can come off as somewhat tasteless, as can be seen in the trailer for trashy low budget horror 5G Zombies.

Running less than a minute long, the video doesn’t reveal much of what is likely to be a rather sparse plot, but the premise is that after a virus transforms people into the slavering undead, international governments have conspired to create a new world order by sending a hypnotizing signal through wireless networks. The editing and visual aesthetic of the movie makes it looks like a grindhouse shocker from the ‘70s, and we can likely expect such production values to be maintained throughout the film.

The setup is most likely to be a riff on the most preposterous conjecture regarding the coronavirus that doesn’t involve extraterrestrial origin, the seemingly unkillable conspiracy theory that it’s being spread by 5G towers, leading to them becoming arson targets and maintenance engineers being verbally abused and assaulted, thus damaging people’s ability to remain in communication with each other at a time when such contact is at its most crucial.

5G Zombies poster cropped

Wireless devices have been demonized for years, being blamed for everything from cancer to their signals causing brain degeneration and being used as a catalyst for the activation of harmful chemical combinations that governments are poisoning us with. If you’re old enough to remember the ‘90s you’ll recall the brouhaha surrounding even the most basic cell phones starting to become everyday items.

5G Zombies isn’t the first creation to utilize the current crisis in its setup, with the most notorious being the recent ‘comedy’ horror Corona Zombies, a tone-deaf hack job created by schlock factory Full Moon, along with an ungodly volume of porn that mostly capitalizes on the concept of people being isolated and trapped together, because if anything can be said about professional perverts, it’s that they know how to capitalize on a trend.

5G Zombies will make its debut on DVD and VOD on May 1st, and you can decide for yourself if it’s harmless nonsense or offensive nonsense. Or both.