6 Characters Who Could Potentially Replace Wolverine As The Face Of The X-Men Franchise


Next year, Logan will mark the end of Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine. While it’s entirely possible that 20th Century Fox will recast the character, it’s going to be damn near impossible for anyone to follow in the Australian actor’s footsteps after a seventeen year run as the iconic X-Men character (especially as he’s a major box office draw and beloved by fans and critics alike).

As a result, chances are Wolverine will be put on the shelf for at least a few years. During that time though, who should take over as the “face” of the X-Men franchise? Jennifer Lawrence appears to be ready to move on from Mystique, and as great as both James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are as Professor X and Magneto, their popularity still doesn’t rival Wolverine’s.

It’s clearly up to someone else to take over then, and the list of potential candidates is surprisingly short. All of the heroes listed here have the potential to effectively take over from Jackman and Wolverine, and while they wouldn’t exactly be the same, they’d all bring something very new and exciting to a franchise, which X-Men: Apocalypse seemingly proved is starting to struggle.