10 Deeply Disturbing Movies That You Need To Watch, But Only Once


A disturbing film isn’t one that gleefully stands with its arms outstretched to embrace buckets of blood. A disturbing film is something else, something more – an experience that’s undeniably unsettling whilst it plays out, but even more powerful in the lingering sting it leaves behind. A truly disturbing movie doesn’t slap you around in your seat on first viewing – instead, it burrows its way into your brain and replays in your thoughts for weeks at a time afterwards.

There are plenty of lists out there that attempt to gather the most disconcerting films of all time in one place, but here at We Got This Covered we’re gonna evade your textbook entries on this occasion – A Serbian Film, Human Centipede, Cannibal Holocaust etc. – and go for a slightly different flavor. These movies don’t simply disgust by serving as commendable pieces of exploitation cinema, but work in a rather different and more complex way to deeply, deeply disturb. Watching them once will be more than enough…