6 Possible Titles For Avengers 4


NOT Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Once it was revealed that the fourth Avengers movie would not be called Infinity War: Part Two, it was quickly assumed that the second film would simply be titled Infinity Gauntlet. Apart from being the title of the iconic Thanos-centric story arc from the comics, we also expected the end of Infinity War to see the Mad Titan finally acquiring all the Infinity Stones, so it made sense to name the film after his mighty weapon.

What’s more, Zoe Saldana seemingly confirmed that fans were on the right track when she appeared to slip-up and refer to Avengers 4 as Infinity Gauntlet in an interview. Recently, however, Marvel chief Kevin Feige has 100% ruled out the chances of this being what Avengers 4 is called. And having now seen Infinity War, we can agree that titling the next installment Infinity Gauntlet wouldn’t make much sense.

At the end of War, Thanos actually achieves his goal of wiping out half the universe, apparently leaving the Gauntlet a de-powered wreck. It seems that the weapon itself won’t be the most important thing about Avengers 4, then, but rather the fallout from the Mad Titan’s actions. As such, we can rule out this long-running fan theory once and for all.

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