5 Unconventional Comic Book Movies That You Need To See


The beauty of cinema means that there’s always room for something a little different – even in the twisty, colorful world of the comic book adaptation. As thrilling as it may be to witness a superhero working his magic and ridding the world of crime, or an anti-hero wrestling with an identity complex against a backdrop of a world in crisis, the comic book movie is capable of producing something quite different to these Hero/Villain showpieces on occasion.

Indeed, graphic novels and comic strips aren’t exclusively limited to “goodies” and “baddies” like some may believe, and there have been several movies over the course of history which have uprooted some of the more offbeat pieces of print in this genre, and proceeded to expand and develop them into terrifically entertaining and unconventional comic book adaptations.

Listed here are five prime examples of this that you simply have to see. Take a look at our picks and as always, head on down to the comments section afterwards and let us know your thoughts.