7 Ways That DC And Warner Bros. Are Screwing Up Their Cinematic Universe

Batman v Superman 3

You’ve got to hand it to Marvel Studios. The superhero movie powerhouse has its critics, but it’s difficult to deny that Kevin Feige and co. run a tight ship, churning out box office hits and critical successes with the regularity and the confidence of a team that knows exactly what it wants.

The MCU, despite all its faults, is the most well-oiled franchise machine in Hollywood, and Marvel Studios are an unstoppable force with a carefully-prepared plan of action, ensuring their movies are on-message, on-tone, a little bit bold and always just as the fans want them.


It’s a whole different world, of course, over at the DCEU. In the bid to catch up with Marvel and rapidly create a superhero universe of their own, Warner Bros. and DC have so far hit a few snags. Man of Steel underperformed financially and left critics cold, while the latest in the DC Extended Universe – Batman V Superman – has come in for a critical drubbing and has similarly drawn smaller audiences than Warner Bros. expected.

The relative failure of BvS is just the latest bump in the road for the DCEU. At this point, Warner Bros. and DC seem to be making one mistake after another, and here, we’ll look at seven ways in which they’re screwing up their cinematic universe.