8 Great Couples In Superhero Movies

spider-man 2

Romance in a superhero movie is difficult to get right.

Next to all the necessary action, high stakes and general caped crusading, the love story element isn’t high up on the list of important constituent parts. As such, portraying a strong central relationship that the audience can get behind is no easy feat. Sometimes they end up being tedious – Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four – or bizarrely shoe-horned in, like Black Widow and Hulk. How the hell did that one happen?

However, some comic book movies do actually manage to get sparks flying between their male and female leads (sadly, Hollywood hasn’t reached the point where studios feel comfortable putting a gay relationship in a superhero movie… yet). From Superman to Spider-Man, and from Iron Man to Batman, join us as we take a look at several heroes that have been quite lucky in the love department.