8 Great Movies That Are Set (Almost) Entirely In A Single Room

8) War Book


A kind of horror film minus any actual conflict, Tom Harper’s War Book could be the film that changes your mind about certain world nations’ so-called ‘nuclear deterrent.’ Set inside a governmental meeting room somewhere in London, eight British civil servants each take on roles of government to take part in a war game, in a bid to decide how ministers and officials should behave in the event of nuclear attack.

Essentially, they decide there’s no point in Britain returning fire with its aggressors, but that they might as well do so anyway, in order to get some sort of retribution. The only glimpses of the outside world you get are in the neighboring courtyard, where the anonymous government buildings oppressively loom, but all you’ll remember is what happens inside that damned war room.

Apparently, the concept of mutually-assured destruction is alive and well in the offices of power, even though it’s an option that’s as insane as ever.