8 Reasons Why The DC Extended Universe Deserves Another Chance

8) Batman V Superman Wasn’t That Bad

The Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice proved that a lot of mistakes were made in the editing room for the theatrical cut, but even so, it still wasn’t as bad as some critics would have you believe. The movie admittedly relies a little too much on convenience (for example, just how did Lex Luthor figure out the secret identities of the titular heroes?) but the fact that it wasn’t “fun” enough – as some would say – really doesn’t justify the backlash that it received.

It’s fair to say that we could all probably have lived without the poorly CG’d Doomsday, but there was a lot of great action and character work here, not to mention the debut of arguably the best big screen Batman to date. Sure, Zack Snyder made some mistakes – for one, the Dark Knight should never indiscriminately kill – but to write off the DC Extended Universe because of Dawn of Justice is idiotic, especially when there was more than enough in this film that worked, a lot of which helped opened many doors for these iconic characters.