8 Ridiculous Superman Characters You Will Never See In The Movies


The world of Superman has always been a lighter one than his fellow Justice League-r Batman – while The Dark Knight is a superhero born from death and tragedy, Superman comes from Clark Kent’s natural amazing abilities and faith in people. Sure, his whole planet was destroyed, but the character still inhabits a brighter, lighter place than Bruce Wayne.

Not that you would know that from watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, however, where both the Son of Kryton and the Bat of Gotham are glum sourpusses who live in rain-drenched shadowy cities. Just look at the trailer above and you’ll see what we mean. Zack Snyder’s take on the character is hands-down the darkest and most serious version yet.

As such, if the movies of the so-called DC Extended Universe continue on in this vein, many of the wackier and lighter-hearted characters from Superman’s back catalogue will not be making their way to the big screen any time soon.

Following on from our 8 Ridiculous Batman Characters list that we put together, we’ve decided to do the same for Supes. So, on that note, here are 8 bizarre individuals from Superman lore who you shouldn’t expect to see on the big screen. At least, not anytime soon.