9 Actors Who Have Played Multiple Superheroes

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Playing a superhero must be a lot of fun. Sure, those tight costumes are probably a pain to wear in real life and the roles often require rigorous physical training, but if you play a superhero in a movie, you’re instantly an icon and will garner a legions of fans. It’s also likely that you’ve found the definitive – and quite possibly the highest-paid – role of your career.

With all those positives, it’s not really a surprise that several actors love playing superheroes so much that they’ve portrayed not one, but two separate cape-wearing crusaders. You know that childhood friend who would always claim the best roles when you were playing? That’s these guys.

Here, you’ll find 9 actors who’ve fought the good fight on more than one occasion. We’re not including people who’ve played one superhero on film and another on TV though, so someone like Brandon Routh, who starred in both Superman Returns and on Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, won’t show up here.

With that in mind, check out our list on the next page and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know which of these actors you think did the best job with their role.