A cult favorite that might yet get a sequel charges into battle on streaming

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Proving once and for all that the sentiments of the Star Wars fanbase can change on a dime, many of the same people who lauded Robert Rodriguez’s franchise debut on The Mandalorian episode “The Tragedy” are now demanding he stay as far away from the camera as possible following The Book of Boba Fett.

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The latest Disney Plus series set in a galaxy far, far away proved to be fairly polarizing, but one huge positive is that it could realistically lead to the Mouse House pulling the trigger on an Alita: Battle Angel sequel. Rodriguez has hardly been shy in admitting that he’s hoping to use his Star Wars cache as a means to leverage another slice of blockbuster sci-fi into existence, and it would be an understatement to say he’s got plenty of backing.

Alita wasn’t exactly a flop, but it was far from being a runaway success, either. A $405 million box office haul on a $200 million prevented the movie from losing money, but the profit margins were razor thin. The former Fox property’s future lays entirely in the hands of the Disney top brass, and you’ve got to think the studio know there’s an audience out there willing to see more.

As they wait with bated breath for an official update, Alita: Battle Angel has charged back into battle on the streaming service’s most-watched list. As per FlixPatrol, the instant cult classic is currently on its way towards the overall Disney Plus Top 20 list, showing that it’s got endless rewatch value.

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