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A curious ‘Avatar’ Mandela Effect questions the existence of Na’vi hair sex


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James Cameron’s Avatar has returned to the forefront of the public consciousness, with the 2009 smash hit currently playing in theaters after being re-released worldwide, where the sci-fi epic continues to extend its lead as the single highest-grossing film in history.

Of course, it’s all part of the preamble to The Way of Water, which comes burdened with huge pressure and even greater expectations, to the extent that even the supremely confident Cameron has admitted we’ll just need to wait and see if the franchise is still capable of drawing in a colossal crowd 13 years after the opening chapter.

However, upon revisiting Avatar, one fan stumbled upon a curious Mandela Effect that involved Na’vi hair sex of all things. The Redditor in question was utterly convinced they’d witnessed two of the big blue aliens connecting their ponytails together to get freaky back in 2009, only for the scene to be absent entirely during the re-release. As it turns out, it was never part of the theatrical cut at all.

One user was in firm agreement, relaying that they “absolutely recall it and I swear I’ve only seen the film once in the cinema. They connect their tails together right?!!”. Thankfully, the hair sex harem hasn’t lost their minds, with commenters helpfully pointing out that the Na’vi tying themselves together both figuratively and literally was indeed part of the Avatar extended cut that was re-released in 2010 and is available on home video, but not the OG edition that flew back into theaters this past weekend.

Sure enough, #ReleaseTheHairSexCut doesn’t take too long to pop up, but let’s not give Cameron any ideas seeing as he’s already sent Avatar back to the big screen a handful of times already.

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