A Dangerous Stunt Went Horribly Wrong In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


While filmmakers and production companies take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved takes utmost importance over everything else, accidents can (and do) happen. Prior to the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2019, the media reported that a stunt – later discovered to be a last-minute addition meant to replace a fight scene – had gone horribly wrong and that its performer, Olivia Jackson, had been hospitalized as a result.

It would later emerge that Jackson had been directed to take Milla Jovovich’s place (as her double) in a motorcycle sequence and went according to plan until a camera meant to lift as she approached failed to do so, resulting in a head-on collision. She was left comatose for 17 days and suffered a twisted spine as well as numerous other injuries, the worst of which would result in her career-ending.

Resident Evil 6

Unable to save the limb, doctors were forced to amputate Jackson’s left arm, leaving her completely unable to return to work. The crash would ultimately prompt her to sue Bickers Actions SA, which court documents claim offered zero financial support for medical bills. A South African court would eventually rule in the victim’s favor, with confirmation of the fact coming late last year, though further details have never been provided, so it remains unclear just how much compensation and other fees Bickers was forced to pay.

As the name suggests, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter delivered an end to Paul W. S. Anderson’s six-part franchise, which is due to be rebooted later this year. Welcome to Raccoon City is described as a more loyal adaptation of Capcom’s survival horror series, and you can head over here for all the latest details.