A Forgotten Jennifer Lawrence Movie Just Hit Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence may have only turned 31 years old a few days ago, but she’s already accomplished an incredible amount throughout her career, and that’s even with the actress taking a step back having only made two onscreen appearances since March of 2018.

She exploded onto the scene by garnering an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress thanks to an incredible breakout performance in Winter’s Bone, and then followed it up by boarding Matthew Vaughn’s acclaimed superhero reboot X-Men: First Class. Already on the rise, Lawrence shot into the stratosphere as The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen, with the franchise earning close to $3 billion at the box office, before she won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.

Like Crazy

Even though it was her first credit following Winter’s Bone, new Netflix addition Like Crazy has largely been lost among the critical and commercial favorites that litter Lawrence’s filmography. The late Anton Yelchin delivers a stellar turn opposite Felicity Jones in the tale of two star-crossed lovers that find themselves forced apart when she violates her Visa, and ends up being sent back home to England.

Lawrence takes third billing behind the leads as the girl threatening to derail the relationship for good, but anyone can predict where things end up heading by the time the credits roll. The low budget romantic drama cost just $250,000 to make so it managed to turn a decent profit at the box office despite earning less than $4 million, while it amassed a solid Rotten Tomatoes score of 72%. Like Crazy is now available for your perusal on Netflix at the push of a button, and star-powered content always tends to play well among subscribers.