A frenetic zombie sequel turns streaming subscribers feral

via Next Entertainment World

The zombie movie continues to endure as one of horror’s most popular subgenre, even though it’s getting increasingly harder to put a fresh angle on the familiar tropes and trappings. Smash hit Train to Busan managed to bring a new perspective to hordes of the undead, but sequel Peninsula was a somewhat more underwhelming affair.

It’s still a fast-paced, frantic, and eminently enjoyable escapade, though, but it couldn’t hold a candle to its more illustrious predecessor despite upping the ante when it came to the action sequences. However, that hasn’t stopped director Yeon Sang-ho’s standalone second chapter from biting into the streaming charts.

As per FlixPatrol, Peninsula has been a fixture of Prime Video’s global rankings all week, where it’s continuing to find a new audience almost two years after initially releasing into theaters. Set four years after Train to Busan, the story finds a reckless cast of characters trying to outrun the zombified population in order to find a truck carrying $20 million in cash.

Just to add another level of danger, there are trigger-happy mercenaries on the scene, too, forcing our plucky band of protagonists to dig deep in more ways than one in an effort to survive. The element of surprise may be gone after the widespread acclaim that greeted Train to Busan, but that doesn’t dampen the experience of checking out Peninsula.

It might be a different kind of zombie thriller, but it’s still a hugely entertaining one, a sentiment that paying customers of Amazon’s platform would wholeheartedly agree with based on the evidence.