A gangster movie famous for dropping f-bombs is rolling the dice on streaming


Swearing isn’t big, and it isn’t clever. However, it’s very often hilarious, especially when such eloquent verbiage is placed into the mouths of a Samuel L. Jackson or a Joe Pesci, two of Hollywood’s all-time great deliverers of profanity.

The latter brought the house down with his foul-mouthed and Academy Award-winning performance in Goodfellas, one which regularly required him to turn the air blue, but that’s got nothing on Casino, another modern gangster classic from Martin Scorsese, Pesci and Robert De Niro.

Set in the early 1970s, De Niro’s low-level mobster is tasked with establishing a casino in rapidly-expanding Las Vegas, where he experiences huge early success. However, as the years progress, Pesci’s hot-headed enforcer, his hustling ex-wife and her con artist boyfriend complicate matters to a dangerous and deadly degree.


Casino has to be viewed as one of Scorsese’s most underrated efforts, although it’s since been reappraised as the all-timer of a crime story that it is. The movie also went into the history books for a very unique reason; namely, it set the record for the highest number of F-bombs in a single movie at the time, with 422 spread out across the epic 178-minutes, for a f*cks-by-minute ratio of 2.4.

Ahead of the wholesome, family-orientated festive season, Casino has f*cking rebounded on f*king streaming to crack the f*cking Top 10 most-watched list on f*cking Hulu, as per f*cking FlixPatrol.