A Quiet Place Spinoff Loses Director Jeff Nichols

a quiet place
Image via Platinum Dunes Sunday Night Productions

John Krasinski would have had no idea that A Quiet Place would go on to become a phenomenon when he first called action his $17 million horror movie in November 2017, but he’s now the architect of an entire multimedia franchise.

A sequel was announced shortly after the first installment exploded out of the blocks at the box office, ultimately ending its theatrical run with a hefty $350 million haul. Even with the effects of the pandemic, Part II went on to earn $297 million, while a video game was also recently announced.

On top of that, Midnight Special‘s Jeff Nichols signed on to write and direct a spinoff that was set for release in March 2023, but he’s now dropped out of the project. As per Deadline, the filmmaker has amicably departed his mystery contribution to the Quiet Place mythology, but he’s moving onto a previously-announced sci-fi that the studio are said to be very high on.

The spinoff was poised to act independently from the inevitable A Quiet Place Part III, but details were always scarce other than it being an idea that initially came from Krasinski, which Nichols then fleshed out. It remains to be seen if that March 2023 debut remains intact when a replacement is found, or if the film will continue to exist in its current form, if it even carries on through development at all.